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3) Swahili for Foreigners Book 2

The new textbook including a CD by Alice Wanjiku Mangat
over 300 pages, CD, english

The author is well known for her first book Swahili for foreigners, which was published by an East African educational publisher. This business relationship was very disappointing for Alice Wanjiku Mangat, as she was not paid as agreed. Reprints were produced and sold internationally without her consent, e.g. by Michigan University and ABC London. Alice Wanjiku Mangat invested a lot of power and money in a lawsuit which was unsuccessful. However, she didn't give up, and wrote a new book, hoping that those who liked her first book would buy her second book too.

The new textbook Swahili for Foreigners Book 2 offers more learning tools for the learners, e.g. improved grammar charts, full basic grammar structure and an audio CD with dialogues. Furthermore, characteristics of the African culture are explained in detail, which makes it easy not only to learn the language but also to understand the African culture in a short time. Thirty years of experience and the passion and love for this language are reflected in her work.

If you buy the new version Swahili for Foreigners Book 2, you will support the author who invested a lot in this book, which is now registered with the international copyright protection organisation, making it impossible to infringe her copyright again.

Hoping that the distribution of her first book will soon stop, Alice Wanjiku Mangat appeals to the (potential) buyers to acquire the new volume via the homepage (http://www.kiswahili-mangat.com) or her publisher Druckhaus Bergmann GmbH.

Thank you for your support, which enables the author to continue her work with one of the most beautiful African languages. Alice Wanjiku Mangat hopes that she is able to make a contribution to facilitating the teaching and learning of Swahili with the help of God.

God bless you all!


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